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Training Hub is a tech company that specializes in designing, developing and executing Learning Management Systems that are user and customer centric.  

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Why we do what we do

Team work makes the Dream work

Training Hub began its humble beginning in 2015 with a couple of young guys who were fed up with the lack of training in organizations.  They decided that since the best time for any innovation is always 10 years ago, and the second best time is always today they embarked on a journey with a huge challenge.  Their challenge was not only to learn to develop and execute a product/service that is fairly new, but their main challenge was to prove to the world that this is the best way to go about it. That dream is what set the foundation of a long and hard struggle which inevitably resulted in what we now know as Training Hub.

What did they develop?>

Their journey was not easy to say the least, but they persevered to create a product that assisted organizations in understanding their employee’s training needs better.  They experienced steady growth year after year, but something unique happened in 2019 which propelled them to stardom.  In November 2019 the world was hit by a pandemic that could not have been anticipated.  All of a sudden there was tremendous growth in the online training sector, and that was both a blessing and a curse.  Since the pandemic forced all organizations to pivot towards virtual training, all organizations gravitated towards companies that could solve their immediate problems at a cost, such as Kajabi, Thinkific, Udemy, etc.  This was the opportunity that came at the right time because what the owners of Training Hub were trying to accomplish ended up happening; more and more companies were moving towards a virutal setting and that meant a growth in virtual or pre-recorded training.  There was however a huge obstacle that Training Hub faced and that was to convince organizations to move away from mediocre LMS such as Kajabi, Teachable or Thinkific to a bespoke LMS so to speak. Training Hub was tailored hence the bespoke service, but it was also a lot more expensive than others.  As you know that with new opportunities come new challenges.  The owners at Training Hub started on their endeavour to not only provide an LMS that could put all other LMS to shame they also started giving in-person training on selected topics, and that allowed Training Hub to the opportunity that it needed.  Today those clients that are using an LMS designed and developed by Training Hub have the opportunity to hire Training Hub for their in person training needs.